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We are so excited to launch our newest Buy Local New Brunswick online food and product directory! We know many people have been anxiously waiting for it!  We hope that you will find the directory useful. We’ve worked hard to create a tool that is functional and friendly.

The current day Buy Local Work is an exciting time — there is so much energy behind this growing movement; positive energy that is making changes to our communities our economy and our environment.  It’s been a long time coming!

CCNB started working on local agriculture way back, but it was in the late 1980s when we really got our boots dirty. In 1988 we created the very first Community Supported Agricultural project IN CANADA, The Harvest Share Co-op at Tula Farm in Keswick Ridge, a property gifted as a Land Trust to the Conservation Council by friends and supporters Kay and Jim Bedell.

From there we launched our first public campaign “Maritime Harvest” around 1996 where we urged the public and current day political figures to take the 100-mile diet challenge.

Then beginning in 2008 our then food expert extraordinaire, Leah Anstis, launched us into our Buy Local NB campaign.  Since then, Buy Local NB may be one of CCNB’s most popular, widely taken up campaigns, with our fiddlehead logo stuck to about 1 in 5 car trunks that pass by!  We released our first online food directory shortly after.  Well known local foodies and chefs began to use it to source their products and ingredients.  We know  you’ve missed it, because we get emails and calls and social media messages on a weekly basis asking where it is and when it will be back.

It’s back!  Better than ever. And we hope that it will grow.  We know there are many many more farms and products out there that are still missing from our inventory. We hope that you will spread the word and share the opportunity for farmers, value-added food entrepreneurs, farmers markets, local grocers and restaurants to be a part of it.

And we have more ideas — stay tuned!

Yours in supporting local,

Conservation Council of New Brunswick